About the Firm

Approximately 50% of our practice is in the area of professional liability. The firm has long been engaged in all aspects of malpractice defense for doctors, nurses and hospitals in New Jersey. We have tried to conclusion literally hundreds of cases in all areas of medical and hospital law, including obstetrics, medicine, surgery, anesthesia, oncology, radiology, nursing, administration, security, medical staff relations and premises liability. We also represent health care professionals before State licensing boards. We have presented educational programs for hospitals including but not limited to lectures and the conducting of mock trials for hospital employees and professional staff. We have been representing attorneys in legal malpractice claims for over 30 years. The same applies to our representation of insurance agents and brokers. Our experience began with the St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company in the early 1960s and through the years, we have had other insurance companies, including American Safety Insurance Company, Acceptance Insurance Companies and Gulf Insurance Group, retain our services for defense of those professionals. We have extensive experience in representing architects and engineers in all phases of construction litigation. We have represented them through Professional Coverage Management, an underwriting and claims organization specializing in the placement of insurance and claims management for architects and engineers. We have over 20 years of experience in that field. The expertise of our firm in the area of professional liability extends to real estate brokers, title surveyors, psychologists, psychoanalysts, veterinarians, and virtually every other area of professional responsibility.

In the field of governmental liability, we have represented municipalities, police departments and other governmental subdivisions in all aspects of claims. New Jersey has a specific statute with respect to governmental entities and we have an expertise in defense of those claims. For a number of years, we represented the cities of Passaic, Elizabeth, Paterson, Perth Amboy and Jersey City in all phases of liability claims asserted against those municipalities. We have represented police departments through a program at Scottsdale Insurance Company.

We have expertise in all types of personal injury claims, from falldowns to complicated products liability cases. Through our medical malpractice practice, we have an extensive list of medical experts for defense exams and are able to handle cases with complex medical issues with great facility.

We have an environmental department and represent the insurance industry both in first party environmental coverage litigation as well as in the defense of environmental claims. We have defended actions involving landfill contamination, underground water contamination as well as CERCLA claims, both in the state and federal courts.

In the environmental area, we have an extensive practice in defending claims for lead exposure as well as asbestos exposure in the State of New Jersey. Allan Maitlin has lectured at local and regional conferences on lead exposure in the environment at the invitation of the New Jersey Property Owners Association as well as the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.

Our firm has an expertise in all aspects of third-party coverage issues, first-party coverage issues and insurance policy interpretation. Our field of expertise with respect to third-party coverage issues and first-party coverage issues encompasses interpretation of insurance policies and the bringing of and defense of declaratory judgment actions. As you can see from the list of insurance companies that we represent and have represented, our service to the insurance industry with respect to insurance policy work has been extensive. Allan Maitlin has lectured extensively in the field of first party and third party insurance policy coverages as well as insurance fraud and disputed insurance claims. For four years, he was a lecturer at the national convention of the American Insurance Service Group. We have conducted literally hundreds of examinations under oath and have worked closely with the insurance industry and the Department of Insurance of the State of New Jersey with respect to the development and education of SIU units.

The firm has an extensive subrogation practice. It represents a number of companies for their subrogation interests throughout the State of New Jersey. Allan Maitlin has lectured before national and local insurance organizations on all aspects of subrogation. We work with the company from the date of loss until successful conclusion of the subrogation matter.

We have an appellate section within the firm and have over 150 reported opinions both in the state court and federal court system concerning first-party and third-party claims as well as all phases of professional liability and casualty lawsuits. A number of our decisions have established major developments in the law. The following are representative opinions: (1) Mantilla v. Planned Building Services, 167 N.J. 262 (2001), establishing the law concerning indemnification in contractual undertakings; (2) Dynasty Inc. v. Princeton Insurance Co., 165 N.J. 1 (2000), establishing increase in the hazard as a major first-party defense; (3) Antenucci v. Mr. Nick's, 212 N.J. Super. 124 (App. Div. 1986), establishing the rights of land owners to insurance coverage under tenants' lease obligations; (4) Hoppe v. Ranzini, 158 N.J. Super. 158 (App. Div. 1978) establishing the rights of attorneys in malpractice actions to demonstrate the uncollectibility of monies from indigent underlying tortfeasors as a complete defense; (5) Robinson v. Coia, 183 N.J. 25 (2005) establishing the obligation of the car rental industry to provide coverage to lessees, whether or not they purchase insurance from the renting organization; and (6) Hudson County v. Terminal Construction Corp., 154 N.J. Super. 264 (App. Div. 1977), establishing the 10-year period of repose in construction litigation, even where there is fraud.

The firm also has a non-litigation, transactional department. It has representative clients in real estate, estate planning, corporation and other business associations.